Artists On Site


Friday 22 April - Peter Woods, from 12 noon until 3pm

Peter Woods is a local artist with a studio in Bittern. He has painted full time since 2010 and has had a number of solo and collaborative exhibitions. Peter is a portraitist and landscape painter, mainly using the media of gouache or oils.  For over twenty years he has painted the suffering of the West Papuan people and their struggle for independence.

Peter will have a number of his works on display, and visitors will also have the opportunity to have their portrait painted (fee will apply).  Art Show patrons can watch him working, talk with him about his paintings, and learn more about Peter's love for people which inspires his work.

Saturday 23 April - Don Johnston, from 12 noon until 3pm

Don Johnston will demonstrate the fine art of sketching. A long-time artist, when Don had the opportunity to travel throughout Australia and overseas, he found his oil painting equipment too awkward to carry about so he turned to sketching as a means of capturing impressions of life around him.

Don says sketching is an exciting and immediate medium ideal for ‘anywhere and any time art’ like waiting for planes; sitting on riverbanks or in the bush; watching city crowds; and roaming around ancient ruins. He only uses black ink, and enjoys the immediacy and challenge of getting the pen strokes ‘right the first time’. (Erasers don’t work on permanent ink!)

Don's sketches are adapted for cards and notelets that support the work of a global charity.  Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase some of these works if desired.

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